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Klangsprünge III

Clown Academy For serious people from five to ten years old

Paco Gonzalez

The clown is a character who is famous around the world and one that has existed ever since the beginning of theatre. He appears in Shakespeare, in Molière and in the traditional Italian form of theatre, Commedia dell’Arte. Even in the plays of the ancient Greeks, people laughed at the clown who stumbled onto the stage …

Paco Gonzalez is embarking on a search for the clown in you. There is a clown inside most people – only most people don’t know that. It is hard and difficult work – but with a lot of luck and fun you will be able to find your clown and together with Paco you can devise an enormous fiasco, full of mistakes, failures and things to stumble over – and make people laugh.

Contact and application: Cathrin Rose, Ulrike Wangerin, Leithestraße 35, 45886 Gelsenkirchen, phone 0049 209.1 67 17 47 or 17 56, fax 0049 209.1 67 17 19,
e-Mail c.rose@kulturruhr.com, u.wangerin@kulturruhr.com

Here you can find an application form.

Spots for the academy are limited.

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