Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.


A play for children aged between four and ten and their families In German

puppet theatre

»Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, but imagination encompasses the whole world.«
/ Albert Einstein

Text, Director, Composition
Giacomo Ravicchio
Poul Arne Kring
Per Christensen
Elise Müller, Lars Begtrup

It is a sad day for Anna. Her dog Thunder has died. Anna wants to know what happens when someone dies. Grandfather believes that their souls fly up to heaven. But he is not certain. So Anna decides to find out where Thunder’s soul has gone. She sets off on a journey that leads far away in space and time…

The puppet play Anima by the Danish theatre company Meridiano handles the subject of death cautiously and poetically. The child herself is the one who decides to search for answers. With few words and a stage which uses simple and expressive means to make possible journeys to the moon, Asia and ancient Greece, Anima is concerned with the necessary cycle of life and death, with grief and the new beginning which arises out of it. In this way Anima fits seamlessly into the subject of our season – Buddhism.

A visiting production by the Meridiano Theatre from Gentofte, Denmark.

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