Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

... Towards Meditation

Francesco Tristano is one of the driving forces behind the new openness between musical genres. Blessed with incomparable technical skills, a free intellectual spirit and an astonishing musical maturity, the Luxembourg-born pianist has succeeded in acquainting himself with the most diverse musical forms in a supremely effortless way.

In the course of two concerts in two days the rising star reveals the highly contrasting facets of his creative work. He has developed an exclusive programme on this year’s festival theme featuring solo piano works by Frescobaldi, Bach, Debussy, Cage, Pärt and his own compositions.

Inspired by the cultural techniques of the computer world, Tristano frees these works from outmoded models of linear storytelling. By improvising he weaves them together into a musical texture which re-examines the relationship between past, present and future as we think we know it and opens up surprising perspectives on our cultural identity.


Francesco Tristano – In A Landscape

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From the album »bachCage«

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