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Mischanlage Kokerei Zollverein

Mischanlage Kokerei Zollverein

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Areal C, Gebäude 70

45141 Essen


The Zollverein coke-works was developed from 1957 to 1961 adjacent to the Zollverein mine. Here around 10, 000 tonnes of coal could be converted to approx. 7,500 tonnes of coke per day. The smell of coal dust and hard labour still hangs around the impressive spaces of the coke-works' Mischanlage (mixing plant). This is where different grades of coal were mixed to form an optimum blend for the coking process. The coal was carried from the Mischanlage by chutes and conveyor belts to a series of bunkers and on to the coking ovens. Since 2001 the coke-works, together with the Zollverein mine, has been a UNESCO world heritage site. The Mischanlage still bears witness today to an active past and the chute level in particular is used for artistic and cultural events.

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