Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.


A journey of discovery by Theatre-Rites

World premiere

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.  Marcel Proust

After the incredible success of Salt, our 2008 production for the RuhrTriennale, Theatre-Rites is delighted to return to the Festival and to the Zollverein Kokerei to inhabit a new space.  Paradise will be created in the Mischanlage.

Theatre-Rites’ Artistic Director Sue Buckmaster, designer Jeremy Herbert, choreographer Luca Silvestrini and composer Nick Powell have been inspired by folktales, fairtytales and tales of pilgrims. They have created an epic journey through 12 chambers of paradise, where each step will reveal a new discovery.  
Join us in the Kingdom of the Mischanlage as we embark on a quest with a cast of dancers, musicians, actors and puppeteers.These eight travellers will be seeking their own paradise in a magical world where, together, you will experience beautiful forests of light, a room of rain and chambers full of temptations and delights.  
This installation/performance, inspired by the magnificence of the Mischanlage, will be an intimate experience for 60 people at a time to share and is suitable for children aged 8 plus and adults.

Commissioned by the Ruhrtriennale in co-operation with Theatre-Rites.
Kindly supported by the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Ruhrtriennale.