Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Peace be with You

ZEIT Forum Kultur For a Culture of Peace With Josef Joffe, Michel Friedman, and others

Peace be with you is an established greeting in all the great monotheist religions. The desire for peace is fundamental to the understanding of belief. The debate in the media, however, is dominated by descriptions of religions as foreign and divisive.  Objections on religious grounds often lead to ‘warlike disputes’ and actual wars.

This year’s ZEIT FORUM KULTUR will discuss the relations between religions from the position of this mutual desire for peace – for each individual and for the people. What does peace mean? On heaven and on earth? Is peace simply the absence of violence?  Kant’s essay on ›Perpetual Peace‹, upon which the League of Nations and then the United Nations were based, is to be considered alongside the Christian command to love thy neighbour and the four aspects of peace in Islam (whose etymological meaning ›salaam‹ means ›peace‹): peace with God, peace with oneself, peace with one’s fellow men, peace with creation.

Chaired by Josef Joffe, church leaders, politicians and academics will peacefully discuss the chances of a multi-faith peace movement.

In co-operation with the ZEIT FORUM KULTUR.