Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Junge Triennale

School groups

Tickets for 5 Euros per pupil are available for school groups of ten or more. The tickets must be booked at least ten working days before the event. Tickets available only through Cathrin Rose/Junge Triennale.


for schoolgroups and youth groups etc. Special introductions and talks before and immediately after a Ruhrtriennale event are possible. For further information and to discuss timings and the precise content of an event, please contact Cathrin Rose at the Junge Triennale office.

Teachers’ Theatre Meeting

This year teachers who have a strong interest in culture will be invited to a Ruhrtriennale event on very favourable terms.  Afterwards we look forward to participation in facilitated discussions.
For further information and to register please contact the Junge Triennale.


Register for the Junge Triennale newsletter (in german only). This provides information about workshops, post-show discussions, public dress rehearsals etc. throughout the festival season. 


Cathrin Rose, Leithestr. 35, 45886 Gelsenkirchen,
Tel. 0209.167 17 47,