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Nathan und seine Kinder

Author, Reader

Mirjam Pressler has been writing books for children and young people for over 25 years and is one of the most important authors of German young people’s literature.  Her first book, Bitterschokolade, came out in 1980 and told the story of an overweight girl and her first love.  One of her most important books was published in 2001:  Malka Mai is a documentary novel about a seven-year old Jewish girl who, during the war, is left behind as her parents flee.

At a time when many bookshops are flooded with fantasy and fiction, Mirjam Pressler’s lifelike, multi-layered and challenging depictions of children’s lives are more important than ever.  Her books do not just deal with children who are not so fortunate.  Mirjam Pressler also looks at historical and political themes such as the Third Reich and the Holocaust.  One of her most important works is a crucial version of Anna Frank’s diaries translated from the Dutch, about which she also wrote the 1992 biography, Ich sehne mich so.

Mirjam Pressler will be our guest at the children’s party on 20 September.  After the reading there will be an opportunity for conversation and also a book-signing with the author.

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