Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Fluch und Segen

ZEIT FORUM KULTUR – The role of religion in the era of globalization. With Josef Joffe and others.


Last century God was declared dead in the West and ungodliness in the world reach its height.  The zeitgeist moved away from any form of religiousness and a serene enlightened attitude ruled.  Over the past few years, however, the need for some orientation in a superficial modern world has meant a renaissance in religious conviction and forms of faith.

Increasingly modern man finds himself in existential situations in which the vocabulary of science is unable to answer ethical questions.  The continuing desecration of creation, the threat to earthly life, advances in bio-medics and gene technology demand a religio (reconnection) to an understanding of the world that was still marked by responsibility with regards the bigger picture.

Public debate on the “Return of the Religions” often leads to discussions on fundamentalism and the misunderstandings between different religions.  Opportunities for the world religions to meet and work in concert, in a world that is moving ever closer together, are simply not recognised - the debates are intense and often warlike. 

ZEIT FORUM, as part of our series Rede und Antwort, moderated by Josef Joffe, will investigate the unanswered questions surrounding the curses and the blessings of a religious renaissance.

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