Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Sam Lowyck

Being mainly a dancer/actor, Sam Louwyck has been active in a broad range of performance art. As a dancer he has been working with successful choreographers like Maurice Béjart, Mark Morris, Alain Platel, Meg Stuart, Clara Andermatt, etc. He made group dance-theatre creations: Flippers (Belgium), October 13th (France/Morocco) and A song from down under ( Australia/Belgium). Also he wrote and performed monologues, performed throughout Europe: Allein ist nur allein, After Midnight, Willing Wanda and Senior Antonio. In the meantime he took up coaching assignments in creations of Liesbeth Gruwez, Keren Levi and Luanda Cassela. Having a great interest in opera through e.g. the work of Peter Sellers, he got the chance to direct an opera in the Flanders Opera House. Together with Veronique Branquinho and I Solisti di Vento, they put Voi che sapete – an adptation of Mozart's Nozze di Figaro – on stage. Next to the theatre, Sam is also active in the video and movie medium. He choreographed and acted in videoclips from musicbands, e.g. Deus, Tim Vanhaemel and Les Vedettes. Sam played main roles in 50CC,  Anyway the wind blows, Ex Drummer and Lost Persons Area. Currently Sam Louwyck is still dancing with 'Les Ballets C. de la B.', while acting in long features through Europe and beyond.