Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Mauro Pawlowski

Mauro Pawlowski starts his music career in the early nineties as a guest and studio musician for Belgian bands such as Leopold 3, X-Legged Sally, Transformer 2, Kiss My Jazz and Bedtime for Bonzo. In 1994 Pawlowski wins Humo's Rock Rally with his absurdist rock band the Evil Superstars. Together with other bands such as dEUS, Moondog Jr., K's Choice and Channel Zero, the Evil Superstars play an important role in the revival of the Belgian rock scene in the mid nineties. After two albums Pawlowski dissolves the Evil Superstars in September 1998. He stays active in the bands such as Mitsoobishy Jacson and Kiss My Jazz.
In 2001 he releases the album Songs from a bad hat under the name Mauro, recorded in New York with producer Dave Sardy, and forms a new band: Mauro & The Alternatives. Over the years he has collaborated with several bands and on different projects ('t Hof Van Commerce, Sue Daniels, Millionaire, Kris De Bruyne, Sukilove, Rudy Trouvé, ...). He composes music for the children’s theatre company FroeFroe and soundtracks for films, records a solo improvisation album in rage style (Secret Guitar), improvises with different bands (Monguito, The Parallels, I Hate Camera, Club Moral), plays free-jazz with Othin Spake, is member of a Beatles-coverband, writes Dutch song texts for De Kreuners and Galina, ... In 2004 he records five full-albums with as many different bands: Live in Anvers with Alex Chilton recorded during the festival De Nachten in Antwerp; Black Europe with his hard rock band Mauro Pawlowski & the Grooms and the absurd album Swamps of Simulation with Somnabula. For The Love Substitutes Mauro exchanges his guitar for the drums and records the raw rock album While The House is on Fire. With Pascal Deweze and Carol van Dyk he forms Shadowgraphic City, a trio of strong personalities releasing the eclectic pop album with the same name. Since the end of 2004 Pawlowski replaces Craig Ward as second guitarist with dEUS. He plays on the dEUS album Pocket Revolution (2005) and writes several songs for the upcoming album.