Spielzeit 26.08. - 09.10.

Henry Kelder

Henry Kelder works as a pianist, conductor, musical leader, composer and chamber musician. Apart from that, he works as a teacher at the Koninklijk Conservatorium (Royal Academy of Music) at The Hague and also as a guest teacher at the Academies of Music at Maastricht, Zwolle and Arnhem. Further more, he is a guest teacher for piano and chamber music at the University of South Florida, at Tampa, USA. The last few years, Henry Kelder has been spending much time on conducting. He is a permanent repetiteur for the VocaalLAB. He cooperated with Steve Reich on Reich’s Tehillem and he conducted various world premieres. Further more, he worked for the Holland Festival, the Noord Nederlands Toneel and various musical theatres as musical leader and as repetiteur. In 2008 he was a conducting assistant during the Unisa International Piano Competition with the Chamber Orchestra in South Africa in Pretoria. Henry Kelder has been conducting the Symphony Orchestra VIE at Apeldoorn and the Deventer Chamber Orchestra since 2008.