Casablanca Cinema


1957, the Casablanca, the then called Intimes, was inaugurated with the screening of Ingmar Bergmann’s motion picture Wilde Erdbeeren. The rustic building of the fifties is surrounded by pubs, clubs and taverns of the so-called »Bermuda triangle«. From the beginning, the Casablanca has tried to establish itself aside from the film business as well. For example, the classic motion picture Casablanca was live accompanied by piano and from time to time even theatre performances were staged.

In March 2001, the history of this cinema full of tradition, located in Buchum, seemed to reach the end of the line, when the then proprietor let close down and let completely clear out the cinema. Rescue came in the person of Michael Meyer who was able to pay up the expensive renovation works with the financial support of the North-Rhine Westfalia foundation NRW Stiftung and who offers an intelligent film programme anew since December 2001. In October 2006, a second auditorium room with 82 seats, the Studio, could be inaugurated.