Was tun? Between being a foreigner and belonging in Germany

Symposium, moderated by Heinrich Wefing
Necla Kelek, Mustafa Yeneroglu, Thomas Kufen, Tarik Al-Wazir

People from different ethnic or religious backgrounds have lived together in our society for a long time now. A »politics of recognition« (Charles Taylor) and the right to safekeeping of cultural identities stand in opposition to the demands for assimilation and integration. Should culturally different groups have the right to exist alongside each other, sharing equal rights? Or is there a lead culture that states that different immigrant groups have to adapt to each other?

Multiculturalism is a creation of academic middle-classes, is what we read and hear. From people who avoid living together or going to school together with immigrants living in their neighbourhood. Ethnic-social problems in many large cities have been either ignored or glossed over.

The opposing accusation is that a truly German society wants to push its own concept of civilisation onto second or third generation immigrants.

The sheer amount of often contrary information leaves many people at a loss, and makes agreement more impossible than ever.

By approaching themes of alienation and belonging in different ways, this symposium will to attempt to guide the audience through the labyrinth of opinion, theses and views and find a way that brings everyone together. To find a way that does not simply judge, but actually does something.

Heinrich Wefing (DIE ZEIT, Hamburg) gathers people from political, religious, scientific and cultural arenas to take part in a highly knowledgeable, controversial conversation that is inspired by tolerance.

Kindly supported by the ZEITFORUM KULTUR.