Vergessene Strasse Based on the novel »Vergeten straat« by Louis Paul Boon, adapted by Koen Haagdorens in cooperation with Paul Slangen

World Premiere
Stage design:
Luc Goedertier, Johan Simons, Freddy Schoonackers
Wim Opbrouck, Ron Reuman
Costume designer:
Greta Goiris
Lighting designer:
Mark Vandenesse
Sound designer:
Will Jan Pielage
Paul Slangen
Kristof Van Boven, Elsie de Brauw, Aus Greidanus Jr., Servé Hermans, Oscar van Rompay, Steven Van Watermeulen
Ron Reuman, Marc de Boeck, Danny Deflo, Guido Vaganee
Rani Decock, Marie Gheeraert, Thelma Theunis, Fien Vandemoortele

As he did in Sentimenti, Johan Simons looks at the character of the worker and the specific social role played by the figure of the worker in 20th century Europe. At the heart of Flemish writer Louis Paul Boon’s novel Vergeten straat are factory workers. It was a milieu that Boon, who grew up in a simple working family, knew very well.

Louis Paul Boon wrote Vergeten straat during the Second World War for his son. Set in the sort of city milieu familiar to the author, he tells the story of a cul-de-sac which is cut off by the construction of a new rail connection across the city. Initially the inhabitants are shocked and hang back, until they recognise that this absurd situation has thrown up an opportunity. Forced onto each other, they unite to form their own small anarchic utopia where they are able to live without any kind of authority. Eventually two of the inhabitants become severely ill – and this forces them to re-connect with the world. The unavoidable intrusion from outside none the less spells the downfall of their cul-de-sac.

In Vergessene Strasse, Johan Simon’s ensemble scrutinise the validity of today’s social realities at a political and philosophical level.  In Boon’s work, capital(ism) always wins the fight – but is it not vital and possible to create and live alternative life?

A co-production with NTGent.
This production is supported by the Kunststiftung NRW.
With kind support from WestLB – sponsors of the RuhrTriennale.