Spurensuche ... Three concerts on the road to a musical future

Musical director:
28., 29., 30. August
7:30 pm
every seat
25 €

Spurensuche ... Rap

Concert August 28th, 7:30 pm

Afrobeat Academy Band featuring:
Bantu, Torch, Toni L., Meli from Ischen Impossible and Sisters, General Mano, Sinuhe, Bektas, Donabi, Mariama, DJ Grizzly Adams, Matthias Schriefl and Mike Herting

Spurensuche ... Vocal

Concert August 29th, 7:30 pm

Eda Zari, Rhani Krija, Fatmir Ilamai, Momo, Jochen Vogel, Mariana Sadowska, Maryam Akhondy feat. Banu, Chocolate com Laranja feat. Rosani Reis, Yma América, Carolina Riano and Christina Plein

Spurensuche ... Oriental

Concert August 30th, 7:30 pm

Norbert Rodenkirchen, Albrecht Maurer, Saad Thamir, Bassem Hawar, Daoud Khan, Dorran Ahmad, Yama Karim, Paul Shigihara, Ramesh Shotham, Rhani Krija, Ali Keita, Behnam Samani, Reza Samani, Charlie Mariano and Mike Herting

The recognition that for several decades now Germany has been a country of immigration is not one that can be taken for granted. Mike Herting, musician, arranger and one-time curator of the musical series Century of Song, has been grappling musically with this theme for some time. And this year, in three concerts, he will be looking for evidence of a quite particular kind for the RuhrTriennale.

Alongside local NRW musicians from different cultural backgrounds, Mike Herting will be sounding out their musical roots. In each concert he will searching for evidence that allows important musical personalities from the region to come together in the styles of rap, vocal and oriental.

A production of the RuhrTriennale.