Mit der Seele suchen One Sunday and three poets

Discussion led by Sigrid Löffler
7. September
11:00 am
every seat
20 €

Goethe’s Iphigenie stood for days on the shore of the island of Tauris and »with her soul« sought her far-off homeland. Since earliest times, poetic creativity has been driven by the search for homeland or for the far-off shore, by being-on-the-move, by world exploration. Things other than their own familiar lives and language lure poet-discoverers; a glance crosses with that of a stranger and suddenly the field of vision is broadened. World literature invites you to follow the discoverer into unknown territory, to select other worlds.

During the course of one day, three poets will tell of their travels, their experiences off the beaten track and onto paths that always lead to other worlds. After each reading Sigrid Löffler, literary critic and editor of the magazine Literaturen, will talk to the individual writers. A Sunday of world exploration – a literary salon in the Zollverein School, Essen.

11:00 am
Christoph Ransmayr - reading and discussion

2:00 pm
Terézia Mora - reading and discussion

5:00 pm
Ilija Trojanow - reading and discussion

A RuhrTriennale production