Irmingard Probably an Opera in 2 acts, by Mnozil Brass and Bernd Jeschek

German Premiere
Mnozil Brass
Book and director:
Bernd Jeschek
Ferdinando Chefalo
Otto Rastbichler
Lighting designer:
Mariella von Vequel-Westernach
Mnozil Brass:
Wilfried Brandstötter, Gerhard Füßl, Thomas Gansch, Zoltan Kiss, Leonhard Paul, Roman Rindberger, Robert Rother
24., 25., 27., 28., 29. September
8:00 pm
Category A JHH
30 €
Category B JHH
25 €
Category C JHH
20 €
25 €

Price Jahrhunderthalle

Category A:30 €
Category B: 25 €
Category C: 20 €

Price Ringlokschuppen

on all seats: 25 €

Irmingard, granddaughter of an important Kaiser, travels through lands and time to find an heir for her grandfather’s vast kingdom, and at the same time to find a husband for herself.  Unfortunately without success.  Whever she and her retinue of six baronesses turn up, the men take flight and disappear with apelike speed into the surrounding woods, caves, or indeed anywhere they can find to hide.  But why oh why?  We are about to find out.

At the very same time seven noble princes from the very best families are roaming the whole world looking to conquer princesses for themselves and their dynasties, in order to ensure the continuation of their line through the highest number of offspring possible.  Will these two parties meet? Will Cupid’s arrow hit its mark? Will these tortuous paths lead to happiness? Questions, questions, questions.

Irmingardis going to provide us with the answers.  The men of Mnozil Brass are going to play for a better world, in which there is still hope, at the very least hope, even if the path to redemption is paved with thorns and many a puzzle to inspiration await.

The seven virtuousi of Mnozil Brass constitute an orchestra, singers, dancers, choir and stage design in one – and are not afraid of portraying untimely monsters.

Hope with us, we will hope too, and let us not waiver, safe in the knowledge that every opera found its way to the end, even if it is a happy one.

A co-production with the Salzburger Festspiele.