Furcht und Zittern A musical comedy by Händl Klaus and Lars Wittershagen

World Premiere
Musical director:
Décor and costumes:
Muriel Gerstner
Lighting designer:
Jürgen Tulzer
Julia Lochte
René Dumont, Caroline Ebner, Paul Herwig, Stefan Merki, Jochen Noch, Wiebke Puls, Tanja Schleiff
Jan Kahlert, Tschinge Krenn, Margarita Holzbauer, Peter Pichler und Kindersolisten des Staatstheaters am Gärtnerplatz. Leitung: Verena Sarré
Opening night:
12. September
7:30 pm
13., 15., 16., 17. September
7:30 pm
13., 15., 16., 17. September
The introduction begins 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
Category A
40 €
Category B
30 €
Category C
20 €

It all starts with a music lesson. Manfred Horni is singing with his pupils aboutbuttercups and larkspur:

Doch als du die Blüte brichst,
Grünt es noch, so weit du siehst.
All das Gras, wie leis es spricht

One night, many years later: police officers Stephanie Meier and Martin Kirchner visit the apartment belonging to Manfred Horni and his wife Anneliese.  Ten years earlier Manfred Horni had been sentenced to two years in jail for paedophilia, had suffered a severe hearing-loss and had given up his job as a singing teacher; since then he had been working as a broker.  And now, he is bound by law to keep a certain distance from children.

The two police officers inform the couple that a children’s home is being built on the wasteland across the road and that they will have to move house, otherwise Manfred Horni will be too close to the children in the home.  However Manfred Horni refuses to leave the neighbourhood; and so he and his wife move out and onto the street.

And there they stay, watched over by the two police officers, in fact, in this public space, they are watched over by the public themselves.  Everyone starts to keep an eye on each other, and when a crowd of children put him to a very public test, the game begins – playing with the dialectics of the private and public, of crime and punishment, of delight and sorrow.

A co-production with the Münchner Kammerspiele.