Luc Bondy

Luc Bondy was educated at the Lecoq theatre school in Paris. Following numerous productions on the most important German stages, Swiss-born Bondy became resident director at the Schauspiel Frankfurt between 1974 and 1976. This was followed by productions at the Berlin Schaubühne, including world premieres of works by Botho Strauß, where he worked as part of a triumvirate with Dieter Sturm and Christoph Leimbacher. Since the 1990s Bondy has directed numerous operas for and including the Salzburg Festival, the Edinburgh Festival and the Scala Milan. He is a two-time winner of the Nestroy Theatre Prize, most recently for his production of King Lear at Vienna’s Burgtheater. Luc Bondy is also a successful author (including Meine Dibbuk, 2005).

Luc Bondy was appointed Head of Theatre to the Wiener Festwochen in 1997, and has been its Artistic Director since 2001.

RuhrTriennale 2008: Werk: Luc Bondy (BO-Kino: Luc Bondy, König Lear, Soiree: Luc Bondy and La Seconde | Surprise de l'amour).