Mobile Academy We would like to prepare schoolchildren for their visit to a RuhrTriennale production by working systematically with pupils and teachers. On application we are happy to send information packs about the play, artists and performance.

Teacher Get Together We would like to get together with teachers to watch a specific production and afterwards have a discussion about the performance in particular, and the RuhrTriennale in general. New workshop offers for teachers.  Information and registration with the JungTriennale

Newsletter Up to date and clearly set out navigation through a huge variety of offers. Information about premieres, introductions, audience talks, reduced price tickets and public dress rehearsals by email. 

School classes of over 10 people can purchase tickets at 5 € per child.The tickets have to be reserved at least seven working days before the performance.  Bookings via the JungTriennale.

Contact  JungTriennale, Cathrin Rose, Leithestraße 35, 45886 Gelsenkirchen,  Tel: +49 (0)209.167 17 47