Report Creative Kids at the Theatre Academy for Children

The exciting lectures at the Theatre Academy for Kids has just started. We have invited six artists who will talk about their dream job at theatre. They will reveal the secrets of the fantastic world of theatre and show the diversitiy of professions that exits there. All our artist-professors are indued with a wealth of experience: they have acted upon or beyond stage for a long time already.

Our press conference for the Theatre Academy for Children was attended by three experienced students. The three sisters Rosa, Josefine and Elisabeth Krohn from Dortmund gave account for some anecdotes concerning lectures of the two previous terms. The attendant journalists heard that Rosa keeps a diary to which she confides all important things concerning the Academy and in which she sticks everything that reminds her of her time spent there. Elisabeth gave account of a lecture where she learnt that cockroaches on stage are made of liquorice. And Josefine talked about singing and how much happiness it brings to her and her sisters.