Teatrum mundi An installation on the Middle Ages

Raimund Bauer
Assistance / curator:
Geelke Gaycken
Class for stagedesign HfbK Hamburg:
Henriette Barniske, Mokaa Bautz, Jil Bertermann, Lisa Marie Damm, Susanne Fehenberger, Helga Sandra-Barbara, Silke Herter, Vera Knab, Alida Müschen, Cora Saller, Swen-Erik Scheuerling, Daniel Wollenzin
22., 24., 26., 28., 29., 30. September, 2., 3. October
6:00 pm
5 €

The stage-design students of the Hamburg Academy of Fine Arts create a universe of simulation on three floors, a teatrum mundi of mediaeval origin. The characters and constellations from the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, the world of witches and the impressive maschinery park take a liaison with lighting, time, sound and coincidence in the saline plant of the coking factory tariff union in Essen.
Amidst spectacle and contemplation, mediaevil perspectives are mirrored onto the Middle Ages and are updated, decyphered or left in its peculiar symbolism. In doing so, no copy, no spacial illustration and no replication of already existing paintings are generated but ways of mediaevil thinking are demonstrated. The beginning of modern age that crystallises in surreal images on the one hand and in the early scientific research and technical innovations on the other hand are the filter of a staging which has been designed especially for this location.

A RuhrTriennnale intervention in cooperation with Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg.