Sauser aus Italien. Eine Urheberei Giacinto Scelsi / Christoph Marthaler / Klangforum Wien

German Premiere
Christoph Marthaler
Stage Design:
Duri Bischoff
Sarah Schittek
Andreas Hofer
Malte Ubenauf
Raphael Clamer, Olivia Grigolli, Katja Kolm, Josef Ostendorf, Sasha Rau, Lars Rudolph, Bettina Stucky, Graham F. Valentine, Klangforum Wien
Opening night:
4. September
8:00 pm
2 hours 10 minutes
6., 7., 8., 9. September
8:00 pm
2 hours 10 minutes
6., 7., 8., 9. September
The introduction begins 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
Category A
40 €
Category B
30 €
Category C
20 €

„Music cannot exist without sound, but sound very well can do without music. Thus, sound appears to be more important. Now we may start.”
Giacinto Scelsi

The vague hope of possibly sharing the success of the 1988 deceased Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi, drove his longtime fellow employee Vieri Tosatti, shortly after Scelsi’s  funeral, to the announcement of the following statement: “Giacinto Scelsi – that is me !”. Indeed, Tosatti, being a composer himself, had a considerable share in the partly complicated records of Scelsis’ improvisations which were recorded on audiotape. His claim however, having been the artistic ghostwriter of Scelsi, trailed off to the rumour mill of unproved facts, to the fermentation chamber,  leaving almost inaudible echos. Precisely this location however becomes a setting of musical authorship in Sauser’s production from Italy. Along withChristoph Marthaler, his actors and the musicians of the Klangforum Wien investigate the question as to what extent Giacinto Scelsi's musical authorship is indeed in danger of being lost in the various layers of improvisation, composition and reincarnation. They come to the conclusion that the connection of creation and degustation is noticeably underestimated in its musical-historical context.


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