's ist leider Krieg A literary journey through centuries of destruction

Norbert Lammert, Jürgen Flimm
7. October
7:00 pm
Category A
20 €
Category B
10 €

This line of the famous »war song« by Matthias Claudius, written 1778, gives its title to a special event in the Gebläsehalle: Norbert Lammert, President of the German Bundestag and Jürgen Flimm, artistic director of the RuhrTriennale, read from poems, songs, letters, essays and contemporary witness reports about war themes - and about peace topics.
The reading, which will take place in the stage sets of our world premiere of Wilhelm Genazino's Courasche oder Gott lass nach, presents texts by authors from the time of the Thirty Years War, the Napoleonic Wars, the devastating civil wars in Europe and America, both world wars, the armed »conflicts« of the post-war period, of the most recent past on the Balkans and the terrifying present of the wars in Chechnya and Irak.
A literary journey through centuries of passages at arms and pain - but also about the uproar and the will for»eternal freedom (Immanuel Kant)-, « shown by the desperate accusatory sonnets of Andreas Gryphius, songs of mercenaries of the civil wars, the singings of the trenches and deathly fields, analyses of such educated men like Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud up to the in real-time performed weblog of the anonimous 27-year old Iraqui »riverbend« whose texts received various international awards under the title Baghdad Burning.