Die Jungfrau von Orleans A romantic tragedy by Friedrich Schiller

Claus Peymann
Maria-Elena Amos
Jutta Ferbers
Sonja Grüntzig, Franziska Junge, Corinna Kirchhoff, Charlotte Müller, Gitte Reppin, Karsten Gaul, Boris Jacoby, Roman Kaminski, Manfred Karge, Michael Kinkel, Peter Luppa, Detlef Lutz, Christopher Nell, Thomas Niehaus, Michael Rothmann, Norman Schenk, Marko Schmidt, Veit Schubert, Konrad Singer, Ronny Tomiska, Georgios Tsivanoglou, Axel Werner, Thomas Wittmann
Opening night:
10. October
7:30 pm
3 hours, an interval
12. October
7:30 pm
3 hours, an interval
Category A
40 €
Category B
30 €
Category C
10 €

The young girl Joan: her love of people, sense of justice, imagination and faith arouse superhuman forces within her. She leads the French army in the war against the English occupying troops. Miraculously the inferior French forces manage to beat back the English. However, Joan cannot celebrate victory. In the commotion of battle she loses her heart to a young English soldier. She has broken her oath and thus loses her invincibility. The catastrophe begins ...
Her soul is torn between duty and passion. In the end, we see a destroyed human being. In the end, death becomes her destiny.
The young actress Charlotte Müller performs Johanna. The myth of Joan of Arc has always fascinated dramatic advisers as well as film directors. From Anouilh to Brecht, from Claudel to Dryer and Bresson. Our modern, educated view of human nature which denies any myths finds it counter-image in this fragile being of the Middle Ages.

A guest performance by Berliner Ensemble