Claus Peymann
5., 12., 19., 26. September, 3., 10. October
7:30 pm

This year, the cinema club BO-Kino presents a choice of recorded or picturised theatre works of Claus Peymann. Prelude will be the famous staging of Peter Handke’s first theatre play Publikumsbeschimpfung. The film adaptation of the Hermannsschlacht won the Premio Riccione TTVV award in 1995.
Admission is free for film club members. Membership cards are only available at the cinema box office, for a token fee of €5. Reservations at tel: 0234.3 25 91 77.

5 September Publikumsbeschimpfung / Claus Peymann. Eine Provokation / Claus Peymann. Das Interview

12 September Ritter, Dene, Voss / Der Theatermacher von Wien

19 September Richard II. / Profile

26 September Torquato Tasso / Wien, Wien, nur du allein

3 October Die Hermannsschlacht / Claus Peymann - Im Dialog

10 October Der Theatermacher / Peymanns Stuttgarter Kinder


Publikumsbeschimpfung by Peter Handke
The spectacular world premiere of the »speech play« 1966 at the TAT in Frankfurt made theatre history. Handke’s proclamation of autonomy of speech gave a fresh impetus, new effects and new potentials to theatre.
With Michael Gruner, Ulrich Haß, Claus-Dieter Reents, Rüdiger Vogler
Director Claus Peyman, Dramaturgy Wolfgang Wiens.
World PremiereTheater am Turm, Frankfurt/Main, 1966.
A recording by the HR, 1966 (80 minutes)

Claus Peymann - Eine Provokation Ein Theatermacher wird 60
Anecdotes from Walter Lehr, ORF, 1997 (30 minutes)

Claus Peymann – Das Interview ORF, 1997 (15 minutes)


Ritter, Dene , Voss by Thomas Bernhard
Bernhard’s premieres are a signum of the Bochum-Peymann era.The author, inspired by these actors wrote one of his most lovely works: »Ritter, Dene, Voss, intelligent actors« says his dedication.
With Ilse Ritter, Kirsten Dene, Gert Voss
Director Claus Peymann, Stage design, costumes Karl-Ernst Herrmann, Dramaturgy Vera Sturm.
World premiere Salzburger Festspiele 1986. Premiere Burgtheater Wien, 1986.
Invited to the theatre meeting Berlin 1987.
A recording by ORF, 1987 (180 minutes)

Der Theatermacher von WienClaus Peymann – Eine Selbstauskunft, a picture by Ottokar Runze in collaboration with Karl Löbl
ZDF/ORF, 1989 (56 minutes)


Richard II. by William Shakespeare / Thomas Brasch
Richard, King of England, has run down his country, the state is a sinking vessel. It is not until the collapse of the state that Richard achieves his greatness: he reflects about his failure and about the limitations of political power.
With Michael Maertens, Martin Seifert, Maria Happel, Veit Schubert, Katja Danowski, Markus Meyer, Boris Jacoby, Manfred Karge, Michael Rothmann
Director Claus Peymann, Stage design Achim Freyer, Costumes Maria-Elena Amos, Dramaturgy Jutta Ferbers.
Premiere Berlin Ensemble, 2000. Awarded with the Friedrich-Luft-Preis, Berlin, 2000.
Invited to the theatre meeting Berlin 2001.
A recording by ZDF/3sat, 2001 (160 minutes)

Richard Schneider in dialogue with Claus Peymann, SFB, 2002 (30 minutes)


Torquato Tasso by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
With this artistic drama, seven years of the programmatic Bochum Ensemble started: the imaginative realisation of classics by taking serious their utopian message.
With Ulrich Pleitgen, Barbara Nüsse, Kirsten Dene, Brank Samarovski, Martin Schwab
Director Claus Peymann, Stage design, costumes Karl-Ernst Herrmann, Dramaturgy Hermann Beil.
Premiere Schauspielhaus Bochum, 1980.
A recording of ZDF, 1980 (150 minutes)

Wien, Wien, nur du allein
A picture by Michael Kluth, NDR, 1988 (50 minutes)


Die Hermannsschlacht by Heinrich von Kleist
In 1982, this misapplied classic, ostracised for decades, experienced a rebirth and rehabilitation in Claus Peymann’s staging with the incomparable theatre couple Kirsten Dene and Gert Voss.
With Gert Voss, Kirtsen Dene, Ulrich Pleitgen, Urs Hefti, Hans-Dieter Knebel, Ulrich Wesselmann, Lore Brunner, Branko Samarovski, Bernd Birkhan, Thomas Schendel, Johann Adam Oest, Annelise Römer
Director Claus Peymann, Stage design Vincent Callara, Costumes Ursula Renzenbrink, Dramaturgy Hermann Beil, Stephan Bock, Music Heiner Goebbels.
Premiere Schauspielhaus Bochum, 1982. Invited to theatre meeting Berlin 1983.
A picture commissioned by the ZDF, 1984 (135 minutes)

Claus Peymann – Im Dialog Alfred Schier in dialogue with Claus Peymann
Phoenix, 2004 (25 minutes)


Der Theatermacher by Thomas Bernhard
An already classical comedy: For a period of twenty years, together with her theatre family, Traugott Buhre gave countless performances as a theatre maker on the theatre stages. A terrific declaration of love to theatre and to all theatre enthusiastics.
With Traugott Buhre, Kirsten Dene, Martin Schwab, Josefin Platt, Joseph Bierbichler
Director Claus Peymann, Stage design Karl-Ernst Herrmann, Costumes Jorge Jara, Dramaturgy Hermann Beil.
World premiere Salzburger Festspiele 1985. Premiere Schauspielhaus Bochum, 1985. Invited to the theatre meeting Berlin 1986.
A recording by ORF, 1990 (140 minutes)

Peymanns Stuttgarter Kinder
A picture by Martina Döcker, ZDF Theaterkanal / 3sat / SWR, 2002 (60 minutes).