WAHNFRIED - A German hangout The wonderful world of the Wagners. A total art work.

First performance
Markus Dietze
Musical director, piano:
Magdalena Gut
Tina Carstens
ALAN TITUS, Raphaela Crossey, Dietmar Mues, Jona Mues, Klaus Philipp
Opening night:
27. August
7:30 pm
29., 31. August
7:30 pm
27., 29. August
The introduction begins 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
Category A
40 €
Category B
30 €
Category C
20 €

He has probably the most hard-boiled followers any artist has ever had. Wagnerians – not simply a term for a small closed group of other-worldly musicologists – Wagnerians are devotees of a powerful religious movement who make a pilgrimage to the Upper Franconian town of Bayreuth each summer, there to check the performance of the master's works with watchful eyes and ears.
The master is Richard Wagner; and in 1876 he not only crowned his own life's work with The Ring of the Nibelung,but also that impassioned enterprise known as opera, which had begun in a tiny Florentine salon in 1594. Even one hundred and thirty years after his demise, the great Wagner remains a fount for speculation and supposition. But of course rumours such as these, flourishing in the shadow of the night, require constant replenishment and that Bayreuth's ruling Wagner clan of the day supplies most skilfully. What is it that goes on in the heart and mind of a Wagnerian, who, fired up by the master's work and the almost legendary cabals of the family clan, gathers together all his savings so as to be able, just once in his life, to make the pilgrimage to the Bayreuth festival, and to the villa Wahnfried as well of course?
The RuhrTriennale has commissioned an eloquent connoisseur of the scene around Valhalla to research this question. The long-standing Spiegel journalist and music critic Klaus Umbach will be presenting his first play, written with the wonderful singer Alan Titus in mind. He in turn will be satisfying a long cherished wish in Wahnfried, a German hangout, singing not just Wotan but all the parts in the Ring.

A work commissioned by the RuhrTriennale.