Trisha Brown Dance Company Choreography Trisha Brown

Jennifer Tipton
Opening night:
6. October
8:00 pm
7., 8. October
8:00 pm
6., 7. October
The introduction begins 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
every seat
25 €

Present Tense 2003. Trisha Brown combines abstract aesthetics with her newly discovered interest in emotional storytelling. The dancers seem to ride across the room, to fall and to regroup into energetic body sculptures again and again. The earthy elements so characteristic of Trisha Brown's choreography surprise by virtue of their unexpected logic and emotional poetics.

Music: John Cage
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton
Stage and costumes: Elizabeth Murray

Geometry of Quiet 2002. In the choreographic work Geometry of Quiet the painfulness and tenderness of Salvatore Sciarrino’s music combines with personal and emotional intimacy. In Trisha Browns's first stage set, the organic sound of the flute seems to radiate out from the sail-like cloths in waves, like the dancers' bodies that circle around a core of stillness.

Music: Salvatore Sciarrino
Stage: Trisha Brown
Costumes: Christophe de Menil
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton

Groove and Countermove 2002. The last part of the jazz trilogy reveals a complex world of counterbalances between a solo dancer and the company, between dance and music as well as between the unrestrained dynamics of the movement and the stage set. Whether dancing in unison or throwing one another through the air, the dancers create a gripping energy, alive with vigour and effortlessness.

Music: Dave Douglas
Stage and costume: Terry Winters
Lighting: Jennifer Tipton

A guest performance, presented by PACT Zollverein/Tanzlandschaft Ruhr for the RuhrTriennale.