Theatre is a place for communication between stage and audience. Ideally, aesthetic pleasure, education and critical scrutiny come together. Experts from the worlds of art, media, science and production inform and discuss. Those who know more can see more too!

On the programme of each event is an introduction by experts, a visit to the performance together and a discussion afterwards.

This is how it works: Simply register. 5 Euros and a passport photo are all you need to join. All RuhrFutur club members get a membership card entitling them to take part in all the introductions and discussions for free. The admission fee for the visit to a performance is 10 Euros each. The big advantage is that, even outside the RuhrFutur framework, if you show your membership card you can buy a ticket for any other RuhrTriennale event at a price of just 10 Euros (subject to availability).

Bookings should be sent no later than 7 working days before the event to

Introductions, performances and discussions

1 September: Das Leben ein Traum / Life is a Dream
Dr. Stefanie Carp, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin

5 September: Rubens
Cornelia Brüninghaus-Knubel, Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg

In September: vsprs
Alain Platel, Les Ballets C. de la B., Ghent

20 September: Was ihr wollt / Twelfth Night
Tom Stromberg, wasihrwollt productions, Gutshaus Streckenthin

11 October: Die Soldaten / The Soldiers
Prof. Dr. Holger Noltze, University of Dortmund