A celebration with poplars From four to four

baby bonk, bal moderne, Christoph Bantzer, Bettina Böttinger, Wiglaf Droste & Das Spardosenterzett, Embrassy, JÜRGEN FLIMM, Dietrich Grönemeyer, Christoph Homberger, Navid Kermani, Martin Kreidt, Reiner Kröhnert, Lychee lassi, Dietmar Mues & Dieter Glawischnig, Ute Rauwald, Steven Sloane, Johano Strasser

We could never have dreamt it. At last year's opening of the 2nd RuhrTriennale, 25,000 people celebrated together with the artists, guests and festival team. The motto of the gala From four to four had been chosen mainly because of its pleasant sound – it was quite a surprise to then find that our audience did in fact carry on very happily until four o'clock.
So, here's to the new season! Once again the stars and guests of the coming season will be performing at the opening gala. On 19 August, the mood for the longest party in the entire Ruhrdistrict will be provided by the theme of this year's RuhrTriennale – the baroque period. Extempore improvisation, music, readings, a turbulent programme of entertainment for children and not least a baroque firework show. The fireworks will greet everyone asmidnightapproaches, and after our opening Century of Song. The night contnues with concerts in the tent until the very last dancer drags himself from the Jahrhunderthalle, exhausted. And finally, there is one more novelty: Bochum's first baroque garden will be opened to the public! Without revealing too much at this stage, the poplar will be the park's dominant theme.
Why the poplar? The name poplar derived from the Latin 'populus' – the whispering of the trees reminded the Romans of in good spirited popular assemblies. And that is exactly what we wish for the RuhrTriennale and for the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum in future, too.