Bouche à Bouche Création sans paroles by Denis Chabroullet

Texts, director:
Denis Chabroullet
Roselyne Bonnet des Tuves
Démis Boussu
Sandy Albertelli
Démis Boussu, Cécile Maquet
Sandy Albertelli, Philippe Giai-Miniet, Marie-Pierre Pierson, Clémence Schreiber
Gaetan Pantanella, Nicolas Robert, Lionel Seillier, Roselyne Bonnet des Tuves
Direction Fidena:
Annette Dabs
Opening night:
30. September
8:00 pm
1., 2., 3. October
8:00 pm
30. September, 3. October
The introduction begins 45 minutes prior to the start of the event.
every seat
25 €

The new production by the French Théâtre de la Mezzanine confronts audiences with powerful images. Staircases lead into the interior of a surreal, funnel-shaped installation in which grandstands enclose a playing field flooded with water. A drain? The void of a construction site? Or a bomb crater? The viewer finds himself inside the very heart of a total art work. Images and music create a spherical space in which the boundary between audience and action can no longer be clearly drawn. Accompanied by three musicians and a blues singer, the players tell an archaic story without words, but using gestures, signs and their bodies.
Locked into an underworld scenario of a city, they are the survivors of an apocalyptic catastrophe. They gather hope from their dreams and from their sense of humour. Ground Zero is not just a place to remember the dead but also a source of energy for creating the future. Science fiction scenes intermingle with the macabre, gaudy hustle and bustle of a fairground. Everything that has managed to slip into the subconscious makes an appearance. The result – metaphysics of the fantastic!

A co-production between Théâtre de la Mezzanine with Théâtre Massalia – La Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille) and Fidena (Figurentheater der Nationen) in co-operation with the RuhrTriennale.