Un viaggio nel barocco italiano An evening with Cecilia Bartoli and Peter Simonischek

CECILIA BARTOLI, Peter Simonischek, Orchestra La Scintilla der Oper Zürich
Opening night:
28. August
7:00 pm
approx. 2 hours, 1 interval
Category A
80 €
Category B
70 €
Category C
50 €

At the beginning of the 18th century, after a serious earthquake, a papal decree was issued forbidding all public performance of operas in central Italy. During the following period, attempts to circumvent this ban led to a flowering of sacred music. George Frederick Handel spent several years in Romeat the time and he and his contemporaries turned their attention to the oratorio with enormous creative vigour, expanding the musical form dramatically.

Un viaggio nel barocco italiano is Cecilia Bartoli and Peter Simonischek's recital project for the RuhrTriennale. It deals with arias and compositions from the sacred music that replaced opera for a period of almost ten years. In the course of this unusual evening, thematic connections will be made using texts from the period which reflect the intellectual world of their age.

A work commissioned by the RuhrTriennale
With kind support from RAG-Aktiengesellschaft, the RuhrTriennale's main sponsor