The Party A celebration in 3 acts – from 4 to 4

Bandonion-Freunde Essen, Alfred Biolek, Chorwerk Ruhr, Reverend Billy, Franui, Bazon Brock, MATTHIAS VON HARTZ, Gansch & Roses, Geheimagentur, Bernd Jeschek, Radioballett Ligna, Mnozil Brass, Richard Rogler, Arkady Shilkloper, Pello Weiss Ensemble und vielen anderen
20. August
4:00 pm
Admission is free

Kicking off the season, the second RuhrTriennale will open with a huge celebration. From four to four there will be an opportunity to experience artists from our first season – their music, their texts, their fantasies. Musicians will traverse times, styles, cultures and moods. Alphorn virtuoso Arkady Shilkloper, the gypsy-band of Pello Weiss, our own ChorWerk Ruhr Ensemble, baritone Olaf Bär, the band Mnozil Brass. Austrian dramatist Gert Jonke's new piece is called Redner rund um die Uhr (Speakers Round the Clock). Just outside the Jahrhunderthalle there will be a colourful double-decker bus filled with musical instruments to feel and to try your hand at playing. Whether it's jazz, rock or classical music – the Jingle Bus provides the world's first mobile open-air-stage for children's concerts. Matthias von Hartz and the Inflatable Society will be giving a tour through the first Ruhrcollection's archive of Residual Romanticism. From 7 p.m. the invited artists will present speeches and objections, melodic sounds and discord, transparent and obscure things from the RuhrTriennale programme.

Rock-poet Patti Smith and her band will open the Century of Song concert series with an exclusive programme at 10 p.m. (don't forget to order tickets in advance!). From midnighton, all our guests are invited to the After-Show-Party with Gansch & Roses and Schorsch Kamerun.