Century of Song – The Incredible Country Night

Buddy Miller, Chip Taylor, Carrie Rodriguez, Bill Frisell & Band
11., 13. October
8:00 pm
approx. 2 hours
Category A
40 €
Category B
30 €
Category C
20 €

The second Century of Song project will again take place under the musical direction of guitarist Bill Frisell, who was awarded this year's Grammy for best jazz album.

In his RuhrTriennale production The Incredible Country Night he has brought together two icons of the American country music. Buddy Miller is one of the most influential songwriters, singers and producers. The album he recorded with his wife, Buddy & Julie Miller, was nominated for best contemporary folk album at the 2001 Grammy Awards.Chip Taylor's career has been one of the most incredible in the history of American music. His song Wild Thing is just one of his works which have become part of rock and roll's classical canon. Other highlights: Try (Just a little bit harder) for Janis Joplin and Country Girl/City Man for Ike & Tina Turner.

London's Independent on his latest CD "Black and Blue America": "It is as close to a modern classic as contemporary country is likely to come this year.“ Frisell, Miller and Taylor will be exploring country music's rich heritage together with singer/violinist Carrie Rodriguez and revealing its origins in European folk music.