© Sabrina Richmann

Third Space

Vorplatz, Jahrhunderthalle Bochum

Cutting up an airplane, re-ordering material, adopting different perspectives: the collective raumlaborberlin puts spaces in motion. For the last time the entire archive of building blocks from the last two years will be shuffled and reconfigured at the heart of the Ruhrtriennale – in a largescale installation, the Third Space. This structural performance using sections of a Transall plane, parts of buses and smoking oven once again permits a venue to be created on the square in front of the Jahrhunderthalle for the duration of the festival that will be an open invitation to share ideas and help shape things. What do we know? What and how can we learn from each other? The varied programme of readings, workshops, performances, concerts and parties related to the core theme of knowledge, archives and memory raises a lot of questions: What is the significance of a canon? What positions are assumed within it? Which ones are missing and why? How does knowledge come about and how does it change? As well as a place to meet, a building site and a stage, this year the Third Space will also become a living library, offering the chance to re-order what we know. Let us question existing knowledge, admit other perspectives and unlearn what we think we know!