Thu 30 Aug Sat 1 Sep
Artistic Encounter in Urban Space and Documentary Presentation


Junge Triennale
30 Aug
1 Sep

#nofear 2018: Young people have questions. Questions that don’t get answered at home. Questions no one dares ask, for example about sexual orientation or homophobia. Bodies and sex can be found in the media, they seem omnipresent in public life, but doesn’t this make young people ask more even questions? Often they have no opportunity or space where such questions can be asked and explained without fear.

#nofear will provide that space and opportunity. 40 young people who live in the Ruhr region and come from Portugal, Ghana, Togo, Poland, Albania, Syria, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey examine the subject that concerns them all: sexuality. They discuss this with people from the Katernberg disctrict of Essen. Some of these young people have already taken part in Junge Triennale projects in previous years and have been able to gather some experience of art and artists – their fear of what is new, of diversity, of discussions has turned into curiosity. They want to pass on the value of their experiences to others of the same age, to open up the group and extend it.

#nofear has its own podcast that appears regularly and is directed, produced and presented by young people. The podcast always features invited residents of Katernberg, educators, artists, musicians and theatremakers. In the long term it is intended that#nofear should be able to address people of the same age not only locally but also in other regions.

#nofear 2018 will also be documented by the young people themselves: they will perform a documentary presentation of these encounters, conversations, interviews and discussions with the title School of Sex on the main stage at PACT Zollverein in Essen. Here they will receive support from the theatre collective Berlocken, Syrian actor Ramo Ali, young performer and director Zelal Yesilyurt, drag artist Pansy Parker from Berlin, language and integration facilitator Alaeddine Chadli and theatre maker Meriel Brütting.

Material for teachers and pedagogues as well as information on methods and participants in past and current projects will be available soon under

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Junge Triennale
PACT Zollverein, Essen

“We have no fear. We want it all.” Your muscles tense. Your heart beats faster. Stress hormones are released. Fear! Fear is a basic hu-man instinct. It can save our lives, it can help us recognize dangers and to react: we act decisively, take protective measures, accept challenges and mobilize our strength. But what if fear makes us freeze? If it prevents us from approaching other people? What if we have been infected with fear? Fear can divide societies, push people apart or even prevent them from ever meeting. We live in a time when fear is exploited by both politics and business. In the next three years, from 2018 – 2020, the Junge Triennale will ask: how can we manage to overcome fear of strangers, of diversity and of the future?

The Junge Triennale would like to create spaces for encounters that are free from fear in order to discuss issues that concern young people. By doing this the festival will open up and enter the urban space. And young people from the Ruhr region are at the centre of this: they are the ones who will initiate the forums for conversation and discussion, establish networks and discover what it means to bring very different people together using art and culture. In the process they will exchange ideas with artists from Germany and abroad and learn how to put their ideas into practice artistically through workshops.

#nofear is a three years project that maintains regular and lasting contact with school students, teachers and educators as well as with refugee hostels, civic centres and voluntary organizations. Here the Junge Triennale co-operates with the Essen-Katernberg art and social working group that has built up an extensive network of organizations and institutions since 2013. It is planned to set up a network office that will continue to be run beyond 2018 – though not by adults, but by young people from Essen-Katernberg. Workshops, discussions on specific themes and performances enable school students from Essen to take an active part in the project. The project places particular value on co-operation with schools in the area as passing on methods represents a significant part of the project.

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Introduction 45 minutes prior to show.

Public discussion after each performance

A production by Ruhrtriennale in the possible cooperation with friendly support of PACT Zollverein and the Arbeitskreis Kunst und Soziales.

#nofear 2018 is funded by the Stiftung Mercator.

Language information: German with English surtitles.


Created with and performed by Junge Triennale Theaterkollektiv Berlocken Ramo Ali Zelal Yesilyurt Pansy Parker

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