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Adolescence / Larissa Bischoff, Ksenia Ravvina

zWISChEN WeLTEn 3 - BocHuM

Volker Beushausen/Ruhrtriennale 2016

Campustriennale Masterclass

No longer a child, not yet grown up – puberty is an in-between time of extremes, of all or nothing, when you want to be like everyone else and yet unique at the same time: a desire-filled floundering, which everyone goes through and wants to shake off with all their strength and leave behind them.  Larissa Bischoff and Ksenia Ravvina, together with the two performers Katja Cheraneva and Charlotte Petersen, search for features and rhythms of an underestimated time of life which lies hidden in all of us.

Dramaturg Larissa Bischoff (alumna of the Campustriennale College/International Festivalcampus) and director Ksenia Ravvina got to know each other in 2012 as students at the Hessischer Theaterakademie. They have realised previous collaborations at Staatstheater Wiesbaden and in co-operation with the Künstlerhaus Mousonturm at the Frankfurt Lab. A key feature of their approach is the search for spaces and possibilities which lie between dance and theatre, between the body and language. The performers Katja Cheraneva and Charlotte Petersen complete an international team.

© Maria Krugovaya

This year the Ruhrtriennale has reached the purgatory of the present day, an existence in-between. ‘Between Worlds’ embraces all these situations of break-up, transition and transit.  It’s about a time of uncertainty, a society on the threshold. Three young theatre companies have been called on to investigate these themes in their own independent works. Campustriennale enables emerging artists to realise their creative visions as part of the festival. Three companies develop world premieres over three weeks within the format of a masterclass, supported by artists and dramaturgs of international standing. The projects are each presented as part of one long evening of theatre linking three different cities and venues. Three young theatre companies, three projects, three weeks of rehearsal and three cities in one evening!


With - Katja Cheraneva, Charlotte Petersen
Concept - Larissa Bischoff, Ksenia Ravvina
Director - Ksenia Ravvina
Dramaturgy - Larissa Bischoff
Dramaturgy Advice - Olaf Kröck, Cathrin Rose
Space - Hendrik Borowski
Light - Hendrik Borowski