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Gentifrication - Vati muss nach Herne. Und Mutti muss nach Lichtenberg / Leien des Alltags


Volker Beushausen/Ruhrtriennale 2016

Campustriennale Masterclass

Four performers who were born in the late 80s in Prenzlauer Berg have been at the forefront of gentrification process in their own district. They have left Berlin, trained as artists and returned to Prenzlauer Berg – as precisely the kind of people who are the apparent drivers of gentrification. Calling themselves “Leien des Alltags”, they wish to question this link, as their own experiences have made them experts in the gentrification process. They now want others to benefit from their knowledge because if there’s gentrification is going to happen – why not for everyone? Why not in the Ruhr region? Is Mülheim the new Prenzlauer Berg?

Leien des Alltags

The “Leien des Alltags” are the theaterdirector Nele Stuhler (an alumna of the Campustriennale College/International Festivalcampus), Jan Koslowski, Marlene Kolatschny, Anna Wille andSvenja Gassen. Their work engages with everyday phenomena and the banal, which they rework in theatrical form. For each of their pieces they turn themselves into experts in a new subject. They will be appearing together on stage for the first time in ‘Gentifrication’.

© Leien des Alltags

This year the Ruhrtriennale has reached the purgatory of the present day, an existence in-between. ‘Between Worlds’ embraces all these situations of break-up, transition and transit.  It’s about a time of uncertainty, a society on the threshold. Three young theatre companies have been called on to investigate these themes in their own independent works. Campustriennale enables emerging artists to realise their creative visions as part of the festival. Three companies develop world premieres over three weeks within the format of a masterclass, supported by artists and dramaturgs of international standing. The projects are each presented as part of one long evening of theatre linking three different cities and venues. Three young theatre companies, three projects, three weeks of rehearsal and three cities in one evening!


By and with - Jan Koslowski, Nele Stuhler, Svenja Gassen, Marlene Kolatschny, Anna Wille
Dramaturgy Advice - Sebastian Brohn, Vasco Boenisch