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sKeTCHEs / NoTeBOok

Meg Stuart, Damaged Goods

Iris Janke

Sketches/Notebook  is a performance experience bringing different art forms together in a ritual reformulating interdisciplinary forms of cooperation. Created during a residency  at the  Hau hebbel am Ufer Berlin, the project marks a new alliance for Stuart and her company.

In real time, performers, visual artists and a musician share the space, their sensibilities and abilities to surround the audience with a vibrant world of light, music, objects and gestures. A series  of rough sketches and intimate investigations are presented as an open field  of actions reduced to their most  essential features. Sketches /Notebook is a sacred playground that teases boundaries. Embrace the dark. Swing your arms. Change the weather.

‘Sketches/Notebook’ has toured around the world: this acclaimed production has already been seen in Beirut, Paris, Munich and Brussels.

A recurrent feature of the work of the influential and multi award-winning choreographer Meg Stuart is her search for new presentation formats which transcend the context of a regular performance. She constantly risks interdisciplinary collaborations with a wide range of artists and associates from every artistic genre.

“Meg Stuart is always a complete risk-taker. Her aesthetic is never predictable.”

tip Berlin