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Eine komponierte Weltbeschreibung nach gefundenen Postkarten

P.O.S.T. - 97 aNSIcHTeN AUs DEm DeAD LEtTEr oFFIce

Daan Milius

The trio of composers Anna Trauffer, Phillipp Schaufelberger and Christoph Coburger presents an installation featuring musical settings of 97 found postcards. The images are nostalgic, enigmatic, kitsch and clichéd, ordinary yet beautiful.   Their reverse sides offer an inkling of the people who sent them, who are evoked by the musicians through a range of means including rewriting, rap and music for radio plays.
The accompanying video by Daan Milius, who in 2015 took part in the Campustriennale Masterclass project ‘Triggers & Thresholds – THE BLOGPERA’, brings these images to life in a range of different ways and uses animation to create moving stories.

The four hour sound and video installation has no beginning and no end. Its spatial concept within the Refektorium allows the public to enter and leave at any time.