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The name is a real tongue-twister, pronounced roughly: “charoozamoose”. This art-pop band project by Brussels-based drummer and singer Jens Bouttery was launched in 2015. The same year Jens Bouttery made a tremendous impression on the audience at the Campustriennale Masterclass with his musical abilities and his sense of humour in the project ‘Triggers & Thresholds – THE BLOGPERA’. Now he returns to the Ruhrtriennale with a concert.
Geroezemoes on Geroezemoes: “It’s the way we can act when we actually don’t agree with something proposed. It’s the noise we don’t hear filling up the space up until somebody asks us what that noise is. It’s the one word in the speech you didn’t understand of which your neighbour doesn’t give you the explanation and you end up spending the whole speech thinking about what this one word was. It’s the idea we’ve thrown in a group to which nobody really reacted with enthusiasm but we’ve spent years thinking it was a great idea. It’s the songs that persistently keep on disputing in the back of our minds, yearning for a way out.”


drums, synth, vocals - Jens Bouttery
bass, synth, vocals - Lennart Heyndels
Sound - Pieterjan Maertens