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Jakob Ganslmeier

Campustriennale Exhibition

Young photography discovered and presented by Daniel Josefsohn and Julian Röder

This project brings together series of new works by four young German photographers: Louisa Boeszoermeny, Jakob Ganslmeier, Gregor Schmidt and Julian Slagman. Their pictures were taken during mastercourses with Daniel Josefsohn and Julian Röder at the Ruhrtriennale 2016. As part of its programme for young artists, Campustriennale Exhibition, the Festival of the Arts offered young photo-artists the chance to realise their creative visions with professional support.

Gregor Schmidt, Louisa Boeszoermeny, Jakob Ganslmeier, Julian Slagman © Ruhrtriennale

They developed series of works, entitled ‘BUDE BETT BARGELD’ and ‘Licht unserer Tage’, which will be presented at festival venues and documented in a high quality art catalogue. The photographs can also be seen in a special virtual exhibition at and

Daniel Josefsohn chose the topic ‘BUDE BETT BARGELD’ (“PAD BED CASH”) by reflecting freely on the ideas of: where you live, where you sleep, what you spend your money on. Julian Röder came up with the title ‘Licht unserer Tage’ (“Light of Our Days”), an allegorical play on what is visible and what is unseen, on progress, history and enlightenment. These picture series reflect the titles as well as the post-industrial population centre of the Ruhr region, where the images were mainly created.

Sepcial website „BUDE BETT BARGELD“ © Ruhrtriennale
Sepcial website „Licht unserer Tage“ © Ruhrtriennale

Where you live.

Where you sleep.

What you spend your money on.


To accompany this project a bilingual catalogue (German/English) has been published by Distanz Verlag with ca. 80 colour illustrations, which also includes an exclusive interview with Daniel Josefsohn and Julian Röder as well as new works by both photographers specially created for the project. The catalogue is available from bookshops and the Ruhrtriennale shop (24.90 Euro).

Cover „BUDE BETT BARGELD / Licht unserer Tage – Junge Fotografie: Ruhrtriennale 2016“ © Distanz Verlag

Past and future.

The visible and the unnoticed.

Enlightenment and blackout.

Licht unserer Tage