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Wouter Van Looy

Wouter Van Looy (°1966) is a highly active player in international musical theatre. His work has been invited for performances in Zürich (Theaterspektakel), Mexico (Musica y Escena), Lille (Opéra de Lille), Lisbon (Centro Cultural de Bélem), Amsterdam (Holland Festival), Bregenzer Festspiele, Teatro Comunale di Bologna and elsewhere. He is a resident director at Muziektheater Transparant and shares the artistic leadership of the company with Guy Coolen.
Wouter Van Looy is the founder of Zonzo Compagnie and the organiser of BIG BANG, an adventurous music festival for young audiences that is active in nine European cities and will also take place in São Paulo, Brasil from 2017 on. Zonzo Compagnie has produced such prize-winning works as Listen to the silence, Staring Girl and Slumberland. Wouter Van Looy has won the YAMA Award (2012), the Klara Prize (2013), the YEAH Award (2013) and Music Theater NOW award (2015).
In the next season Wouter Van Looy will direct: Die Zauberflöte/W.A. Mozart (2016, Luzerner Theater), B-ACH/JS Bach & PJ van Rossum (2017, Concerthall Brugge), Revelations/Wim Henderickx (2017, deSingel, Antwerp)