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Oda Thormeyer

Oda Thormeyer was born in Fürstenau in 1964. She studied at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna. From 1983 to 1991 she regularly performed at the Burgtheater in Vienna, but transferred to the Schauspiel Frankfurt for the 1992/1993 season and finally moved to the Deutsche Schauspielhaus in Hamburg in 1995. Here she has performed in productions including Sergi Belbel’s ‘Nach dem Regen’ and played Lady Anne in Luk Perceval’s adaptation of Shakespearean War of the Roses dramas ‘Schlachten!’. In 2000 she transferred to the ensemble at the Schauspiel in Hanover, where she continued her collaboration with Luk Perceval in his production of ‘The Cherry Orchard’. Here she performed in productions including Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, Neil LaBute’s ‘Tag der Gnade’, ‘Die Jungfrau von Orleans’ directed by Peter Kastenmüller, Maxim Gorki’s ‘Sommergäste’ and Anton Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’, directed by Jürgen Gosch. Moreover she played the title role in ‘Hedda Gabler’ under the direction of Christina Paulhofer and was directed by Nuran David Calis in Schiller’s ‘Kabale und Liebe’.
She has been a member of the Thalia ensemble in Hamburg since 2009. She has performed in productions including ‘Die Marx-Saga’ (Director: Christiane Pohle) and Roland Schimmelpfennig’s ‘Peggy Pickit sieht das Gesicht Gottes’, worked under the direction of Wilfried Minks, as well as in Dimiter Gotscheff’s ‘Ödipus, Tyrann’, ‘Die Antigone des Sophokles’ and Peter Handke’s ‘Immer noch Sturm’. Alongside her roles in the theatre, she often appears in film and TV productions, including Tatort, Doppelter Einsatz and cinema release ‘Der Geschmack von Apfelkernen’ (2012).