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Luc Schaltin

Luc Schaltin is educated as a photographer. His photographic work is situated in theater and dance photography, and in travel photography. Usually he works as a lighting designer for theater, dance, and music. He learned the techniques of the theater at the STUK arts center and during the international dance festival Klapstuk. He worked there for five years, including three years as technical director. Since 1999 he has worked for Kaaitheater as a lighting and sound technician. He combines this part-time job with freelance lighting design for various artists. He has created lighting designs for Jan Decorte, Raimund Hoghe, ‘t Barre Land, Bl!ndman, Kris Verdonck (A Two Dogs Company), Tine Van Aerschot, P.A.R.T.S – Mia Lawrence, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Andros Zins-Brown, Zita Swoon Group, and Needcompany as well as for performances with Sato Endo, Riina SaastamoÏnen, Stefaan Quix, Kate Macintosh, Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods, and Christine De Smedt.