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Julian Röder

Julian Röder (born 1981) is regarded as one of Germany’s leading conceptually-orientated documentary photographers. He achieved international recognition for his series ‘The Summits’ (2001 – 2008) about protests at a range of G8 summits. His principal focus is on the relationship between power and economics, though his photographic works constantly move between documentary and posed images. They impress with their clear language, reminiscent at times of classic battlefield painting or aestheticized advertising photos, which raises them above the everyday stream of images and invites the viewer to regard them closely. For his photo series ‘Mission and Task’ (2012/2013) on the theme of Europe’s external border, he once again found images which force us to question our sense of ourselves as Europeans. His work can currently be seen at the Kunstverein Ulm as part of the exhibition ‘Insel’ (until 04.04.2016). His book “World Wide Order”, published in 2014, documents all his work to that date. In 2015 he created a series exclusively for the Ruhrtriennale of the festival’s post-industrial performance venues which will be continued in the years to come.