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Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos

Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos is a performance artist who recently decided to stay in Berlin after five
formative years in San Francisco. His work ranges from contemporary performance art for the stage,
public interventions and communal ritual experiences to traditional Mexican Folkloric dance. He worked
with Meg Stuart in the San Francisco edition of Auf den Tisch and has also worked with choreographers
such as Sommer Ulrickson, Mark Franko, Nathaniel Justiniano/Naked Empire Bouffon Company and
especially his mentors Keith Hennessy and Sara Shelton Mann. Jorge was born in Los Angeles, studied
Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz, and co-organized a live-work studio with THEOFFCENTER, a
community art space for incubating queer discourse. He has derived much of his energy from the vibrant
communities that abound in the SF Bay Area (permaculture, sexual, spiritual, etc) as well as his close
friends working in queer/contemporary performance and activism.