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Gaël Santisteva

Gaël Santisteva is a stage performer born in 1977 in Auch, France. He studied History of Art at the University of Toulouse and was accepted at the E.N.C.R in Paris as well as at the CNAC of Châlons en Champagne. During these studies, he met different choreographers and directors that opened him a wide perspective on performing art.
In 2006-2010 he was part of les Ballets C de la B in Gent (BE) for the choreographer Koen Augustijnen, creating and performing in the pieces “IMPORT/EXPORT” and “ASHES”.
In 2005 Gaël met his future partner and artistic collaborator Lara Barsacq, during creations of Jean-Marc Heim in Lausanne. In 2010 they began a research on performative representation and the limits between fiction and reality. Both very interested by the vulnerability and sincerity of the actor, they created a duet entitled “Tonight, I love you!”. In 2013/ 2014 they made a new project, “The Hide Show”, in which Santisteva sings solo a cappella pop-hit love songs.
In the meantime Gaël worked with the Cie Zimmermann / de Perrot (Zurich) on the creation “Hans was Heiri”, which toured internationally from 2011 until 2014. He participated in voicelab#2 and a Yodel intensive, both initiated by Myriam van Imschoot. He worked as an exterior eye on a project by Melissa Von Vépy entiteled “J’ai horreur du printemps”, mixing live music, video, comics and circus. From end of 2015 he’s part of Christian Bakalov's installation “BRIGHT”.