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Esra Kücük

Esra Küçük was born in Hamburg and is a graduate in social sciences. She completed a double degree in German and French from the University of Münster and the Institut d’Études Politiques (Sciences Po) in France. After working for the Stiftung Mercator, the Advisory Council to German charities on integration and migration and the Humboldt University Berlin, she initiated and ran the nationwide educational programme “Junge Islam Konferenz” (“Young Islam Conference”). This idea was developed in 2010 in order to provide young people with a forum for exchange and to offer them an institutional voice in the political debate surrounding issues of anti-Muslim racism, diversity and social cohesion in Germany, while approaching such discussions with a focus on opportunities. Since 2016 she has belonged to the directorate of the Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, where she runs the “Gorki Forum”, the theatre’s new platform for discussion and dissemination of ideas. Esra Küçük is also a member of numerous boards, including that of KIRON, the first international university for refugees.